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We can offer insurance approved systems to category 1 or 2 as well as non approved systems. We have always stuck to the best quality product we can source and are currently main agents for Sigma and Sterling.
Thatcham category 1 gives the highest level of electronic security by using both an alarm system and 2 circuit immobiliser. The alarm will protect all access points to the vehicle and have internal  protection. The alarm siren would have a built in battery back up.

If your vehicle is already equipped with an approved immobiliser, be it factory fitted or aftermarket, we can upgrade using a 2-1 system to give full cat 1 approval.

Thatcham category 2 is simply an immobiliser without the alarm element. We can supply systems that work from either a transponder or touch key to deactivate.

We can supply an alarm that will remotely lock your vehicle on arming the alarm. If your vehicle has no central locking we can install it for you. We have carried out many installations of this type on a variety of vehicles. We are happy to diagnose faults on existing systems and can offer a service to bypass many systems that may have become faulty.

We only offer one type of tracking device, as we have tried the rest and now use the best; ScorpionTrack. With this GPS based tracker a secure operating centre can see where the vehicle is, similar to sat nav except they can see it and hence liaise with the Police, you can also see your pride and joy 24/7 on Google maps by logging on to your account with your pc or smartphone. ScorpionTrack actively protects your vehicle against illegal movement using GPS geo fence technology along with latest technology movement detection hidden within the vehicle.