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Absolute Audio provides a class leading range of audio visual products from manufacturers such as Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, Rosen and CKO. Our experienced staff are on hand to advise of the best solution for you and your family.
Roof Screens in sizes from 7" to 19" are available with or without built in DVD players and games.
Monitors can be custom installed and trimmed into headrests with hidden wiring and linked to a DVD, iPod, MP4 player or games console. Alternatively headrests are available to replace original fitment and come finished to match with the interior colour, texture and material with built in monitors and DVD. This normally means two different DVD or inputs (iPod, MP4etc) can be used at the same time. Although it sounds slightly indulgent this is a real advantage if you have children of differing ages. In our experience a 6yr old wants to watch something different to a 10yr old as do girls and boys. If you’re in the market for this type of product I’m sure you don’t need telling!
Wireless infrared headphones for the rear entertainment allow you to listen to the music of your choice in the front of the car from the stereo while the movie is being played in the back is listened to on the headphones. We are also able to integrate the audio so that it plays through the car system so everybody can hear a sound track or music video.
In dash monitors are also available and are either fixed screen (double DIN) or motorised. All forms of media can be played through the monitors and front/rear cameras can be linked for safer manoeuvring. A large range of cameras in different colours, sizes and multi views are available for many applications from commercial vehicles and motor homes as well as discreet units to mount in grills, recess’s, etc.
We are able to design and build competitively priced systems for all budgets and requirements which range from a single DVD and screen to 32” screen and 9 other various screen sizes we installed to a customer’s vehicle. So please contact us at Absolute Audio for friendly and experienced advice on how to improve your driving experience.