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In car DAB/digital radio is becoming as important as aux or iPod connectivity. There are a lot of advantages to DAB, mainly much greater choice of stations and sound quality similar to CD (signal providing). See

As you may know FM radio is likely to cease transmission at some point - the intention being 2015 - so replacement stereos with digital radio and usb/ipod connectivity while retaining FM/AM are becoming more widely available, mainly from companies such as Alpine, Kenwood, Sony and JVC.
We now have high quality digital units to add to factory fitted stereo or navigation systems which are controlled from existing steering wheel controls or a remote and they are able to display the station name on the system’s screen.
Add on units are also available from Alpine among others, which tend to stick on the dashboard in a similar way to portable navigation systems. The audio is normally fed into the stereo via an aux input or the original radio tuner. Installation of these systems is straight forward and does not affect the car. They also have the potential to be fitted to another vehicle, should you change. Aerial placement has to be given some thought, as strong signal is required at all times for the best performance. Most systems are supplied with a stick on glass aerial, which gets fitted carefully to the windscreen, although we normally recommend either an externally mounted DAB antennae which can be combined with the FM aerial, Some cars can utilize a splitting device that goes into the aerial lead and takes the DAB signal from the original antennae.

These options all depend on the car and the system which is originally installed in the vehicle.
With DAB, you can get your favourite FM/AM stations in other areas as well as many digital-only stations. Digital radio has something for everyone…

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)