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Recently as cars have got more complex changing the stereo can be impractical or impossible. Many now have functions built in for heating, navigation, hands free, etc (Audi MMI, BMW iDrive and similar). We have been adding better amplification and speakers to factory fitted systems for vastly improved sound but looking standard and not giving up original functions and aesthetics. The most popular is on BMW 3/5 series where better speakers can be fitted in the standard under seat locations improved door speakers if required and the appropriate amplification.
Ipod kits are available to add to original systems already installed, these can control and charge the Ipod as well as display artist information.
The upgrade of the standard system installed in most cars can be enhanced in many ways. The replacement of the headunit to provide Dab (Digital radio) or an integrated Ipod controlling unit that can also take your phone calls via Bluetooth will provide convenience features as well as improved sound. Integrated Navigation systems, DVD head units and USB compatible units are all available.
One of the biggest problems in most car systems is a lack of true bass. We provide many solutions for this problem. A small unobtrusive amplified enclosure will give a all in one package without losing space for your shopping. Custom sub enclosures are available for many cars which use dead space in recesses, under floors, spare wheel wells etc. If an off the shelf solution isn’t available we are able to design and construct superb sounding enclosures for custom installation.
The correct advice is critical to gaining the best sounding system in your car. So whether you are looking for an entry level CD Tuner, Ipod, USB, MP3, fixed Sat Nav or Bluetooth phone integration, upgraded speakers, a sub woofer or need to get some assistance in choosing what’s best for you, your car and budget, our experienced  staff are on hand to offer friendly advice.